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The Shades started November 2007. It was right after the Book 9 “Shores of Evendim” Update, when the multisync music system was introduced. We decided to create a band and we called the band The Shades.
The founder was myself and Abergar. In 2008: Eovina, Semjase and Kosei joined, and in 2010 our last member Erihael joined. We have had several band members during the years. Eovina, Abergar, Semjase, Kosei, Erihael are the ones I consider as key members, and that have been loyal to the band in thick and thin and that are the present members of The Shades today.

We suddenly understood that the music-system in Lotro was something quite unique. I took the chance to transcribe some of my original songs: “Storm”, “My Dream” and “Nightingale”. I do think this was quite unique at that time, and we got a lot of attention.
As time has gone by, many other amazing bands has come by and we enjoy to be there amongst other brillant bands and musicans :)


Leader: Abergar (Theorbo)
Successor: Achazia (Fluteist, Songwriter)
Officer: Eovina (Singer, Harpist)
Officer: Erihael (Lute)
Ofiicer: Morwulf (Lute)
Kosei: (Drums)
Semjase: (Harp)

Bandmembers: Recruitments closed
(Supporters and organizers might join the Kinship)